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All Wheel and Tyre specialises in the sale and professional fitment of tyres and all associated services, including the supply and fitment of rims/mags and the sale of used tyres and quality pre-owned rims/mags. We do trade-ins of rims and tyres and provide expert consultation relevant to mag and tyre requests. We also offer fantastic value-for-money combo deals, comprising tyre and rim sets.


Simply put: we're nuts about cars! We're excited to work at making them function as efficiently as possible, and look as sexy as possible. It's even been rumoured that some of us sleep with car accessories under our pillows!


Whichever of our three branches you visit, you'll be met with a courteous and professional attitude, and a wealth of practical industry experience that is bound to make light work of whatever need you and your cherished vehicle possess.



Whether your interest in your car extends to form, or function, or both, we possess all the products and insight you need to get the job done. Contact us today. We look forward to being of service to you.